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Nursing & Rehabilitation

Assisted Living

We love what we do

More than anything else, Embassy Healthcare is the passion of its owners Aaron and Darla Handler. Their love of senior care brought them together and drives them to make their nursing, rehabilitation and senior living facilities the absolute best they can be.

Embassy Healthcare began in 1998 and now includes a wide range of facilities - some specializing in advanced ventilator care, others in peritoneal dialysis, multiple sclerosis and more.

A licensed administrator with a master's degree in health care, Aaron worked in different senior care facilities for more than 10 years before starting Embassy. "For our business to grow,” Aaron recalls, "I knew I needed to hire outstanding people so I made that my personal goal."

With each new facility, Aaron and Darla focused on maintaining the same hands-on philosophy that nurtured it from the start. They maintain a regular presence at each of their facilities and are always available to their staff, their residents and their families.

Those of us at Embassy Healthcare truly care about the needs of each and every one of our residents. We hope you will visit us and let us show you how safe, secure and comfortable life at an Embassy Healthcare facility can be.

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Aaron and Darla Handler, owners of Embassy Healthcare

Darla and Aaron Handler love to boast about the recent deficiency-free surveys at their Solon Pointe and Broadway Care facilities. Issued by the Ohio Department of Health, that's the equivalent of getting all A's on a report card filled with honors classes!

If you have any comments or concerns regarding any of our facilities please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

People who care

Whether it's long term nursing care, short term rehabilitation or assisted living - what makes Embassy so special are the people who work here.

Our goal is to hire only those who are truly interested in the needs and joy associated with working with older adults. Come visit us and see for yourself.