Act Fast During Cardiac ArrestWe continue our February heart health series as we discuss cardiac arrest. Over 300,000 cardiac arrest episodes occur annually, and without immediate action, they can become deadly.

Winter SafetyWinter is in full swing, so take the proper safety precautions, so you’re not left out in the cold.

Heart Healthy 300x200February isn’t just about the hearts on Hallmark cards. It’s also American Heart Month and a time to think about how your heart changes as you age. If you dedicate time to your health now, you’ll reap the benefits of a strong heart later on.

Cancer Prevention Month 300x200It’s time to put up your purple ribbons with pride for February’s Cancer Prevention Month. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk of cancer.

We’ve got tips and advice so you can make positive changes to your overall health and protect yourself down the road.

Seniors cooking with healthy foodsIf you’ve recently undergone bariatric surgery or require weight loss support, a follow-up care plan is your best bet to losing weight and keeping it off for good. Embassy Healthcare has bariatric care capabilities at several of our locations across the state to support you during your weight loss journey.

You don’t have to go it alone, and you need an experienced team to guide you through any obstacles that come your way. That’s where Embassy comes in.

male physician with patientMost of us have thought about changing doctors at one point or another, but research has shown that staying with the same doctor can benefit you in the long run.

That’s because patients who remain with the same physician tend to receive more consistent health care than those who change frequently. As time goes on, a doctor becomes more familiar with your ailments, medical history, and overall health. Your doctor is then able to make better decisions that can have a positive impact on your health. This is especially true if you have a lengthy medical record.

Winter Arthritis

If your knees tell you when a snowstorm is coming, or you can sense impending rain in your wrists, it’s time to take some steps to protect your joints from changing weather. There is no concrete evidence to suggest a change in the weather affects joint health, but many people will tell you it certainly does.

Know what you can do this winter to protect yourself from unnecessary aches and pains and leave the forecast predictions to the weatherman.

Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes the holidays can be a source of stress and depression. Seniors are particularly susceptible to holiday depression if they live alone or far away from loved ones. Check out these tips to beat the holiday blues.

The Shining Star Program

Embassy Healthcare strives to personalize our care service to each resident. What better way to cater to our residents than by creating a custom activity schedule to keep their minds agile and entertained?

With the Shining Star Program (SSP) at our Grande Pavilion and Willow Park locations, that's precisely what we do.

Long-term Care

Your loved one is still perfectly capable of caring for themselves and enjoys their independence, so discuss the different options about possible long-term healthcare while they still can.

Sit down with your family and have an honest conversation about what your senior loved one wants to do, should they need assisted care. Being prepared now means you and your family will not have the stress of coping with a “surprise” situation.