stretching small

Staying nimble through the years is important for helping you keep fit in mind and body. Practicing stretches with proper form will give you more freedom of movement and aid in everyday activities, such as showering, getting dressed, cooking, and reaching objects on high and low shelves.

The National Institute of Health recommends these 12 basic stretches.

  1. Neck stretch
  2. Shoulder stretch
  3. Shoulder and upper arm raise
  4. Upper body stretch
  5. Chest stretch
  6. Back stretch
  7. Ankle stretch
  8. Back of leg stretch
  9. Thigh stretch
  10. Hip stretch
  11. Lower back stretch
  12. Calf stretch


Take a look at these visual demonstrations and detailed instructions, and talk with your doctor or therapist about stretches that are appropriate for you. When you're ready, add them to your daily routine, and start enjoying the benefits of a more flexible body.