Veterans Aid EmbassyRelying on the right type of assisted living community can lead to a higher quality of life, particularly for elderly veterans who have difficulty getting around safely on their own. Figuring out how to afford assisted living might seem difficult, but that's where the Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefit is important for you to consider.

What is the Aid and Attendance Benefit?
This pension program was developed following WWI to help returning soldiers get proper care at home. Through the years, it has expanded to provide financial assistance for veterans of all ages and their spouses/widows.

Veterans and/or their surviving spouses who are homebound or need the aid and/or attendance of another person to manage their daily living activities typically qualify for the benefit.

Often, we are faced with the difficult decision of how to best care for our aging loved ones. Here are the top three reasons to consider the Aid and Attendance Benefit for the beloved elderly veteran in your life:

1. The veteran has earned their pension. Based on their service, income levels, discharge status and assets, the veteran might qualify for the benefit. It's a good idea to consider applying for it, especially when choosing an assisted living facility – and constant care is an absolute necessity.
2. Assisted living can lead to a better quality of life. The right type of assisted living support has a positive impact on quality of life. An experienced caregiver will encourage an elderly veteran to socialize and pursue activities of interest. Having something to look forward to every day – even when showering, getting dressed and taking care of oneself becomes challenging –improves quality of life tremendously.
3. The benefit is there for a reason. The Aid and Attendance Benefit exists for a specific reason – to assist veterans who require assisted living or homecare support.

To receive the financial assistance your beloved elderly veteran deserves, remember these important facts:

  • Carefully and accurately fill out the application.
  • Remain patient. While the process often takes between 6 to ten months, the benefit is retroactive. This means it's awarded retroactively back to the time the your loved one first applied for assistance.
  • There is no "look back" period like you'll find with Medicaid. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs is actively working to amend this.

When considering an assisted living community for the elderly veteran in your life, our supportive staff can help. Contact the Embassy Healthcare group today at 888-975-1379, and mention you're interested in the Aid and Attendance Benefit for an aging veteran.