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Moving to a smaller living space can be challenging. To make the transition easier, we've gathered expert advice for you and family and friends who will help you relocate.

1) Moving planners Sarah Moyse and Jennie Davidson advise making a list of items in your home that you can't live without. It may be easier to find a place for those essentials if you write them down.

2) Don't throw away items you're not taking with you. A tip from the Money Pit suggests selling or donating furniture, books, clothing and decorations that you don't need. Making a little money or a difference in the life of someone less fortunate can give you closure.

3) Share your memories instead of storing them. Yahoo contributor Dee Dee Smith says that giving away antiques and items that hold sentimental value is a great way to keep memories alive. As you're sorting through your possessions, write down stories and information that go with keepsakes and pass them down so future generations can enjoy the family history. Another great way to preserve sentimental value without keeping physical objects is to take a picture or video of special possessions and compile your records in a photo or video album.