5 tips for assisted livingFinding an assisted living community for your loved one can be an emotional and confusing time.

You'll be taking a lot of tours and hearing to a lot of facility descriptions, and you may forget important questions you wanted to ask. We recommend writing your questions down in advance and carrying a notebook with you on your tours to jot down any thoughts you have mid-tour.

These are five questions you should ask during your assisted living tours.

  1. What will be the ballpark expenses for your loved one's care, and will the community help with paperwork for payer sources like Medicare?
  2. What amenities are included, and are there additional amenities available for purchase?
  3. Are the nurses and physicians qualified to deliver the specific care your loved one will need?
  4. What is the staff to patient ratio?
  5. How does the community update family members and primary care physicians on the residents' progress?

Before you leave the community, you should also ask for a copy of an admission contract to review with your family attorney. You may also want to ask for copies of their Resident's Bill of Rights, survey results from the state, and a recent dining menu, and a recent activities calendar. These items may help you determine which community is right for your loved one.