February is Recreational Therapy Month, and one of the most unique things about our Embassy Healthcare locations is that they each have different recreational programs and therapy services. These include recreational opportunities for those individuals with disabilities or mental illness.

What exactly is “recreational therapy?” It refers to activities that have two very distinct purposes: first, to provide a recreational outlet – to have fun, learn, or a combination of both. Secondly, it’s also an activity that helps our residents in some way. For example, you have trouble walking on stairs, or have sustained an occupational injury, you would benefit from recreational walks around the campus to improve physical strength and endurance.

Residents with mental or behavioral therapy needs are best served by exercise programs, educational groups, and hands-on activities like arts and crafts, or pet therapy. Music can also be extremely helpful in regaining memory, or improving the clarity of your thinking.

Embassy Healthcare locations each specialize in different types of therapy, but the focus is always on you, the residents of our community.
Since everyone has different needs for their lifestyle, Embassy is happy to provide a wide variety of recreational therapeutic services. View more details here.