Assisted Living Care EmbassyThe transition to assisted living can be challenging for a variety of reasons. These tips will help make it a smooth adjustment for your whole family.

When the time comes to consider assisted living, involve your loved one in the decision as much as possible. Take her on tours with you. The more she participates in the process and the choosing of a community, the easier the transition will be.

Try to choose a community where your loved one will have an opportunity to visit with friends and family often. Frequent visits will reduce anxiety and give her something to look forward to.

If you can't visit as often as you'd like, stay in contact however you can. Write letters. Call. Ensure that your loved one can reach you.
Ensure your loved one's new home feels like her old one. Decorate with keepsakes like family photos, her favorite chair and the blanket her mother made her.

This transition can be stressful for you, too. Keep in touch with the staff at the community. They'll be able to give you a neutral account of your loved one's progress and let you know if there's any cause for concern. And get involved. If you volunteer at the community, regularly attend meals, or participate in planned events, you'll have a better peace of mind about your loved one's new home.

Embassy Healthcare looks forward to helping you find a place where your loved one can thrive. Call us at 888-975-1379 to arrange a tour of one of our communities today.