Image 3 senior citizens playing bingo.Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is a frightening event for any individual and family.

Embassy Healthcare’s Grande Pavilion has added the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) assessment to help families facing memory loss. The ACLS is an evidence-based, standardized assessment of functional cognition.

The screen – developed by the Allen Cognitive Group – estimates a person’s learning and problem-solving skills during three visual tasks of growing complexity. Different versions of the screen are available to suit the individual’s vision, hand function or infection control needs.

The assessment is administered by Grande Pavilion therapists to better understand the individual’s cognitive status. The goal is to promote their highest level of function and safety.

Grande Pavilion recently expanded its Alzheimer’s and dementia services by opening its Memory Care Unit. Featuring specially trained Certified Dementia Practitioners, the unit provides a safe and stimulating setting with activities and services uniquely suited to each individual.

The unit’s rooms feature the comforts of home, with residents able to bring in personal items and decorate as they like. Activities include art classes, religious services and bingo. Residents get three chef-prepared meals each day, with snacks available throughout the day. 

To learn more about the ACLS or to schedule a tour of our new Memory Care Unit, call us at (440) 439-1448.