Adult DaycareAs seniors get older, they can become increasingly isolated, especially after the passing of a spouse or close friends. They may avoid social situations and physical activity, which can compound feelings of loneliness and have a detrimental effect of cognitive abilities.

But they don't have to be alone. Adult day care provides an opportunity for seniors to mingle with their peers, enjoy a variety of activities, and continue to keep up with medication and other medical care needs.

Adult day care also gives primary care providers, often children or siblings, the opportunity to continue working and providing for their families.

Adult day care services are available on both a part-day and full-day basis, and typically includes breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day, plus outings, activities and general socialization for seniors.

Other benefits of adult day care include:

  • Reduced risk of illness for seniors and home care providers
  • Reduced stress levels for both seniors and care providers
  • Delayed admissions for full-time skilled nursing care

There are even special adult day care centers who offer care services specifically for seniors with dementia illnesses. The routine of adult day care can ease their anxiety and result in improved sleep patterns at night.