coffeeWhen your senior loved one with an active lifestyle needs extra help regarding health, wellness and housekeeping to maintain their quality of life, long-term assisted living might be the best choice.

What is Assisted Living?

Often, there’s a misconception that assisted living is for those who can’t take care of themselves. In fact, the difference of assisted living is right in the name: assisted.

Seniors who live in an assisted living community are still in charge of their life decisions, but benefit from supportive staff who help with medication management and daily living tasks.  

Long-term assisted living services at Embassy include:

  • Full-service nursing care on an as-needed basis
  • Socialization
  • Reduced incidence of hospitalization
  • Improved physical and emotional health
  • Safety and security
  • Transportation
  • Improved family relationships

Why Embassy HealthCare?

Embassy HealthCare revels in the differences that set us apart from other assisted living communities. We provide our residents with the absolute best in long-term assisted living care.

With regular activities and focus on the individual, we ensure your senior loved one can maintain their independence and comfort. At Embassy, we craft an environment of readily available assistance if needed, ensuring our residents get the most out of their experience.

For more information on Embassy’s long-term assisted living communities, contact us online or call 888-975-1379.