Embassy 5Star ArticleYou will likely come across five-star quality ratings while researching the best assisted living community or rehabilitation center for your loved one. It's what the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses for its Nursing Home Compare tool. This way, you can compare assisted living facilities in your search for safe and high-quality long-term care.

What is the five-star quality rating system?
This system is not your average customer feedback tool. The CMS created a data-driven system to help you compare assisted living communities. It measures many important factors, like:

Health inspections. This rating evaluates the results of yearly health inspections conducted by skilled government inspectors over the last 3 years. It measures whether assisted living centers meet standards designed to protect residents – like safe food storage and proper medicine management.
Staffing. This rating provides information on how much individualized care a patient receives. It quantifies the number of hours of care that the nursing team gives each resident per day. A high staffing rating means that the care facility's staff gives every resident the time and attention they deserve.
Quality measures. This rating assesses the overall health of the residents, their physical functioning, mental health, and safety/well-being. The CMS quantifies things like how many residents fell and were injured, whether residents received their flu shots, or whether residents have been losing too much weight.

Why is the five-star rating system important?
Assisted living communities vary in the quality of services and care they provide to their patients. Understanding the results of health inspections, staffing, and quality measures are three important ways to gauge an assisted living community's quality. This data gives you a snapshot of the care the assisted living facility provides.

Beyond the five stars
While the five-star rating system is a great place to start, it's only one piece of the puzzle. Visit the assisted living community to get a more personal feel of how staff and residents interact. Location and specialized care can play an important role, too.

Embassy Healthcare and the five-star quality rating system
Embassy Healthcare in Northeastern Ohio includes a range of assisted living, adult daycare, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers. We pride ourselves on extensive clinical capabilities and top-notch care.

Six of our Embassy Centers have a five-star quality rating from CMS. They include:

  • Shady Lawn
  • Northridge
  • Madison
  • Medina
  • Carlisle
  • Royal Oak

We encourage you to visit one of our assisted living and rehabilitation facilities – see for yourself why we'll provide the best possible care for your elderly loved one.

Contact us today or call 888-975-1379 to schedule a tour at an Embassy Healthcare center near you.