Holidays SeniorsThe holiday season can be a lonely time for seniors and their families, but they don't have to be.

You'll almost certainly feel nostalgic for happier, healthier times, but by making the most of the present moments, your whole family will get more joy out of the holiday celebrations.

If your loved ones will be with you at home
Include your seniors in your plans as often as you can. Assign them small jobs such as wrapping presents or helping with meal prep. Ask them to be responsible for setting the table, lighting special candles, or giving a toast to mark the occasion.

Invite your senior to lead the family in a song of their choice or take turns telling stories of cherished holiday memories. Create new holiday memories by making family ornaments together or decorating cookies.

You can also take steps to ensure that your seniors aren't left out of conversations by ensuring they always have a companion sitting with them.

Keep in mind your seniors' needs, too. After a full day of activity, a nap may be in order, so make sure they have a comfortable quiet place to rest. And keep a sweater or a blanket handy in case they get cold.

If you'll be visiting your loved ones at their communities
Talk with the community managers about what activities are being held during the holidays. Visit as often as you can. Make plans to join your loved ones for special meals or parties. Bring small gifts for them to unwrap. Bring family albums along, too, and tell stories about the grandkids.

If your loved one can get around ok, ask the community management to take your loved ones out for the day. Take in a holiday performance or explore local holiday displays.

Help your seniors decorate their spaces with a small tree, trimmings and stockings. Make a modern mix tape with their favorite holiday songs and stock up on their favorite seasonal treats.

You can also help your loved ones spread the holiday cheer by making or writing cards to their friends and other family.

After the holidays, be sure to stay in touch with your loved ones. Send cards with photos taken during the holidays, and call regularly to remind them that you're always thinking of them.