Did you know that 21 million American adults suffer from arthritis? Even though working out can be painful for this segment of the population, it is especially important for them to exercise. Here are some tips that will help ease the pain and encourage overall physical well-being:

1. Know thy enemy. Before you start working out, check with a doctor to see where your problem areas are. You may need medications and therapies prior to beginning an exercise regimen. Doctors can also advise you which exercises will be best for your particular type of arthritis.

2. Start off slowly. Always warm up and always start with low-weight exercises. As you get stronger, you can increase the weight.

3. Keep it low impact. Swimming, stationary cycling, and elliptical machines are great forms of exercise that won’t put you at risk of injury.

4. Mix it up. If you worked on lower body during your last workout, focus on upper body the next time.

5. No gain in pain. If you are in pain from any exercise you attempt, do not keep trying. Stop immediately and call your doctor.

6. Strengthen weaknesses. Speak with your doctors about the type of exercise that will strengthen the muscles that support your arthritic joints. Make sure you do these carefully!

Even those with arthritis can get in the exercise game. Plot your course with your doctor and enjoy the results you get from physical activity!