Senior Fall ActivitiesIt can be especially rewarding to take advantage of the change of seasons by spending time with your favorite senior citizen. Senior citizens sometimes experience health problems that prevent them from participating in certain activities, so you may need to look for specific things that won’t cause strain but still involve them in an active lifestyle.

Here are some fun activities, indoor and outdoor, that you can enjoy with the important senior citizen in your life.


  1. If you have a garden, pick the last of the tomatoes and wrap them in newspaper so they ripen. Store them in a cool, dark place.
  2. Hang a flag for Veteran’s Day in November. This could be especially fulfilling to any senior who has served their country.
  3. Go to a fall festival or outdoor bazaar.
  4. Take a trip to the local grocery store and purchase items for needy families, or gather up extra non-perishable items at home.
  5. Sit in the park and watch the world go by as the leaves change.
  6. Go for a ride in the car to check out the gorgeous foliage.


  1. Make mulled cider, a hearty fall soup, or chili together.
  2. Build a fire for them in the fireplace and tell stories.
  3. Help them prepare for Halloween trick-or-treaters by decorating and making goody bags to distribute.
  4. Build a centerpiece together out of pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, etc.
  5. Help them put away summer clothes in storage to create more room in their closet.
  6. If your senior is a sports fan, watch a game on TV together and prepare some of their favorite snacks.