Senior woman writing a letterMany people treat the New Year as a fresh start, setting numerous goals for wellness and productivity. While New Year’s resolutions are made with good intentions, they’re often too ambitious and forgotten by February.

Seniors can enjoy their daily routines and benefit from these five easy, senior-focused habits for a better self in the New Year.

1. Walk every day
Even 20 minutes of daily physical activity like walking can reap huge health benefits. Seniors can decrease their risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease by staying more active.

2. Opt for sugar-free desserts
Eating desserts each night can lead to a greater risk of high blood pressure and unhealthy weight gain, even for seniors who consciously watch their diet. This year, try to choose sugar-free desserts to satisfyingly end each meal.

3. Visit with or write to friends
If you can’t get out to visit friends or family because of mobility or locality reasons, begin a pen pal system instead! Staying social has health benefits, and seniors who stay connected with loved loves generally feel content.

4. Find a new hobby
Sometimes, seniors forget about activities they once enjoyed, like painting or coin collecting. Start the New Year fresh by rekindling an old hobby or finding a new pastime.

5. Volunteer
Helping others in need brings a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Volunteering can be as easy as visiting with a less mobile senior or introducing yourself to a new member of your assisted living community.

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