Senior Working Out ActivitiesWhen the temperatures dip, many seniors find it difficult to maintain their activity levels. Walking around the neighborhood is not only chilly, it can also be dangerous if the sidewalks are icy or wet.

But it is possible to stay busy, even if getting outside isn't an option. Here are a few options for getting some indoor exercise.

Water Exercise
Water exercise like aerobics and swimming are ideal for seniors because they're low-impact. The resistance of the water helps strengthen muscles and can alleviate arthritis and joint pain.

Indoor Walking
Indoor tracks are a great place for seniors to get in a little exercise. Walking is low-impact, but science has shown that it's as beneficial as running for reducing the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Senior Recreation Programs
Programs like Silver Sneakers give seniors a chance to exercise at participating fitness centers in their areas. And their membership to those facilities is covered by the seniors' health plans.

Video Games
Dance Dance Revolution, Wii active and Xbox Kinect video games aren't just for the kids. Senior communities across the country have adopted the use of gaming systems in their recreation centers to engage residents in play and exercise.

Stretching is just as important to senior bodies as regular exercise is. It helps keep the body limber and can reduce pain. And stretching can be done anywhere! This video contains easy, gentle stretches that seniors can perform a few times a week.