You may not have a big to-do with your family scheduled this summer, but here are some unique ways to pay tribute to and learn about your family.

Through websites like, you can view old records that have been computerized, so they’re much easier to locate. You can also obtain actual images of computerized documents (example: WW-2 draft form). There is a fee to use this service, but many old records are now only available on, so odds are you’ll be able to find them. Finally, you can build a virtual family tree! The process takes a while, but the fun is in the research.

Search your home for pictures, movie tickets, certificates, and any other keepsakes that can be flattened onto a scrapbook page. Contact family members and ask them to send items that can be scrapbooked. There are many websites that offer tips on how to make a fantastic scrapbook, but offers many stunning visual examples that are sure to inspire you!

Family trivia cards
Think of the most remarkable, impressive, or silly facts you know about family members and write them down. Contact your relatives and ask them to divulge facts they know. All you need is a stack of notecards and some adhesive labels to stick on the front and back. The front of the card will display the question (i.e. which family member won a national poetry contest?) and the back of the shows the answer.

Interview relatives
One of the most valuable ways to remember and pay tribute to family is by interviewing them. Sit down with your favorite relative and hit the record button. You can prepare a list of questions, but the best interviews occur when the subject is inspired to tell stories and unexpected information is uncovered.

Create a family Facebook page
Many older adults and baby boomers are active on Facebook. By creating a centralized place for photos and information, your family is more likely to stay up-to-date on the life events of their relatives. Social media also encourages dialog and may result in relatives re-connecting or even meeting for the first time!