Junk Foods Link to Dementia

There are many reasons to avoid junk food. Here's one more that may convince you to set aside the fries.

According to a recent Biomedical Research Institute, University of Dundee study, low quality, high caloric diets boost the risk of dementia.

When blood sugar levels hit the high end of the normal range, insulin resistance can occur. That often leads to diabetes, but the Biomedical Research Institute study shows it also contributes to the development of brain plaque, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. In addition, junk food drastically increases central adiposity, or the distribution of fat around the abdomen, and inflammation that damages the small and large blood vessels that supply the brain. Damage to those blood vessels also increases the risk of Alzheimer's.

In the August 25th issue of Neurology, scientists postulated that controlling diabetes could be a key factor in preventing Alzheimer's. And part of preventing or controlling diabetes is cutting back - or cutting out - fast food from your diet. By avoiding junk food and getting enough exercise, you can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes and metabolic disorders, and therefore reduce your risk of dementia.