Image of woman talking with senior father.Deciding to move your parents into a skilled nursing facility is an important and timely choice for you and your family. There are a number of factors that indicate if this is the right choice for your parents.

Here is a list of potential signs it’s time to move your parents into a skilled nursing facility.

Their mobility is significantly reduced

Your parents may not be leaving the house to run errands, visit friends or even bring the mail in. Small movements such as getting out of a chair or into bed may be more difficult.

They are not getting proper nutrition

Skipping meals, a lack of appetite, and not properly preparing meals are all signs your loved one may be in need of further assistance.

Frequent falls

Falls that result in bruises, wounds and broken bones are often signs your parents may be ready to live in a skilled nursing facility.

They require around-the-clock medical care

Constant medical supervision is difficult for most families to provide. Caregivers may be increasingly fatigued and stressed from trying to keep up with your parents’ needs.

Lack of personal hygiene

If Mom and Dad are no longer concerned with their personal appearance, they will benefit from increased care. This is especially true if they struggle to comb their hair, brush their teeth, bathe or use the toilet.

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