Image of Granddaughter and grandmother walkingCaring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia is an emotional, challenging time for anyone.

To lessen the feelings of frustration and stress, Embassy Healthcare reminds you there are a number of steps you can take to make things easier on the both of you.

Use technology to your advantage

When you can’t physically be there with your loved one, you can track their GPS location and monitor calls and messages using a cell phone monitoring app – try searching for “GPS tracking.” Recommended for those with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s, this will help you have peace of mind in knowing their whereabouts.


Less is more

Because someone with Alzheimer’s is likely to get confused and frustrated more easily, set them up for success by not overwhelming them with choice. Set out two outfits at the beginning of the day rather than asking them to pick from their entire wardrobe, for example.

Get in a routine

Having a regular schedule will make each day more familiar, predictable and less stressful. Plan doctor visits, bath times and meals during parts of the day when they seem to be calmer. This can help them be more agreeable to parts of the day that could otherwise prove more stressful.

Keep it simple

Ask or make one statement at a time, using concise sentences. When talking to your parent, limit outside stimuli such as TV or radio to limit confusion and frustration.

Get help

Every caregiver could use a respite from the day-to-day duties of looking after a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It’s OK to ask for help. Embassy Healthcare’s Forest Hills Center in Columbus offers adult day care services for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

In Cleveland, our Grande Pavilion location offers a safe and secure dementia unit featuring the Allen Cognitive Assessment. Our Certified Dementia Specialists will help your loved one to reach the highest level of independence possible.

For more information on Embassy Healthcare’s services – including dementia care – at one of our community locations, call 888-975-1379 or contact us online.