A recent study from Patient Education and Counseling revealed that many seniors have unnecessarily complicated medication routines.

According to the report by the Chicago Tribune, more than 42 percent of seniors who participated in the study had a medication regiment that could be simplified by taking the medications together, rather than at different periods throughout the day.

Why is simplifying your routine so important?

With a complicated routine, medications can be forgotten or worse, an overdose can occur. And this is the primary concern, especially with those individuals who have chronic or potentially life-threatening conditions. 

Some common reasons why medication routines become complex in the first place include patient concerns about food and medication interactions and misunderstanding the instructions on the label, either from the pharmacist or the physician.

For the sake of your own health and safety, be sure to know exactly when and how your medications should be taken. Your physician or pharmacist will be able to tell you whether you can take certain medications together or if keeping them separately is the safest option.