AlzheimersLight therapy may become a viable option to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as recent studies shown progress made with mice that are injected with the disease.  

By flashing a bright light at a certain speed, researchers have made mice’s brain neurons fire at the same time to increase gamma power. This increase in gamma power reduces Alzheimer’s causing plaque by up to 50 percent. Even mice with advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease had reduced levels of plaque after one week of treatment. 

While the research has been successful, researchers note that successful treatments in mice don’t always translate into success treatment options for humans. In addition, scientists are genetically creating Alzheimer’s in mice since they it does not occur naturally for them.  

Another note is that this isn’t the first time scientist have studied light therapy to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Studies published in 2002 and 2008 included research on humans and saw some small successes. One study saw improved sleeping patterns while another saw Alzheimer’s patients display fewer symptoms when light therapy was combined with melatonin. 

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