CaregiverDeciding to become a caregiver for a loved one is a tough decision. It can mean changing your work schedule, driving your loved one to doctor’s appointments and running errands for them that they can no longer do themselves. 

It can also cause you to grow apart from your friends.

As you transition into your role as a caregiver, here are some tips to help you maintain your friendships. 

Be honest
Let your friends know if your circumstances change. For example, let your friends know what’s going on if your loved one needs extended medical care. When they’re updated about your situation, it helps your friends understand what is going on and why your availability changed. 

Don’t ignore your friends
When you become a caregiver, you will be drained emotionally and physically and will naturally want to withdraw from people. You may even feel guilty about leaving your loved one when you can spend time with friends.

This time away is important for your health and lets your friends know that you still appreciate them and what to maintain a relationship. 

Continue to be a friend
If you want to maintain your friendships, make sure you’re being a good friend to them. Be the one to reach out to others, and not just when you need something. Talk about the positive experiences you’ve had as a caregiver and not the negatives. 

Hearing happy stories will let your friends know you’re doing well and they will be more likely to stay in contact. 

Set aside time for your friends
Whether you set aside an entire day or just have a lunch day, make sure you take time to be with your friends. If you keep saying “We should meet up soon!” without making plans, your friends will begin filling their social time with other events and people. 

Make new friends
Try to meet new friends if you discover your social connections have decreased. There are often support groups for caregivers and this is a great way to meet people in the same situation as you. You could also join a sports group or volunteer at a local organization. 

It’s also important to know when being a caregiver has become too taxing on your life. If you become depressed or feel you aren’t able to provide the medical attention your loved one needs, call Embassy Healthcare at 888-975-1379 or send us a message and see how we can help.