Fotolia 81048628 SubscriptiEmbassy Healthcare is proud to announce that we are now accepting credit card payments for all of our patients. This is just another way we are working to make it easier for all of our patients to make their payment.

There are two ways to make a payment with a credit card:

1. Call the corporate office at 888-975-1379 and make a payment over the phone*. The professional and helpful staff at our corporate office will be available during regular business hours to process your payment.
2. Present your credit card to a staff member at your Embassy Healthcare facility and they will call corporate to process the payment for you.

Embassy Healthcare is also proud to announce that you will soon be able to make your payment online. We are excited about this upcoming feature so that making a payment will be easier than ever.

*There will be 2.5% processing fee for all payments made over the phone