The holidays can cause a lot of stress.

Stress has an impact on your mental and physical well-being. Everyone experiences it differently, but there are some common causes.

For example, many people say that finding the right gifts, managing finances and hosting family and friends over the holidays cause stress.

If you let the pressure get to you, stress can lead to weight gain / loss, higher blood pressure, extreme fatigue, muscle twitching and insomnia. And studies show that stressful situations can kill new cells in the brain's memory and emotion centers.

Managing holiday-related stress can be easy. One proven method is deep breathing. In an NPR interview with Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Mladen Golubic, he said that breathing exercises improve lung function, curb stress hormones and shift you into a balanced mindset.

Read the interview with Dr. Golubic, learn breathing techniques, and live a longer, healthier life just by breathing deeply and relaxing.