MedicareAfter an illness, injury or hospital stay, you or your loved one may find that you need additional rehabilitation. You'll have to make a quick decision, and the questions you'll have will be overwhelming.

Where will I go? How much will it cost? Will my insurance cover it?

Before you start to panic, call us at Embassy Healthcare.

"Our goal for our rehab patients is for them to return to their prior levels of function," says Andrea Lawrence, director of business development. "But that's hard to do when you're stressing about how to afford your care."

At Embassy, everyone from our administrators and admissions coordinators to our physicians and nurses work together to breakdown short-term care benefits so you can understand them easily.

"You may believe you have Medicare coverage, but what you really have is a Medicare replacement coverage such as Anthem or Humana," explains Judy Mahoney, vice president of care management. You may also have a managed care plan as your primary benefit, in lieu of Medicare.

We'll verify your coverage and help you understand the benefits you're entitled to. We'll even look for any secondary coverage that may help cover the cost of co-insurance.

If you don't already have secondary coverage, we recommend acquiring it to help offset the cost of co-insurance.

The Basics of Medicare
It's important to be informed about your coverage, especially as you age. Here's a quick ABCD breakdown of the Medicare plans.

Part A is standard hospital insurance. It covers inpatient care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, hospice, and home health care.

Part B is medical insurance, which covers outpatient care, doctor visits, durable medical equipment, lab tests, and preventive services like various therapies.

Part C is the Medicare Advantage program, which provides the original Medicare coverage but through a private health plan HMO or PPO, such as Anthem or Humana. These plans, often called managed care plans, act as a manager of your Part A and B Medicare benefits.

Part D is prescription drug coverage. You have to sign up for this part separately as it is not included in original coverage.

For more information on Medicare, you can visit You also have full access to the Medicare experts here at Embassy. We're happy to help in any way we can.