Image of grandfather playing cards with his grandchildrenPlayful activities can have numerous benefits for the older population. They improve memory and brain function, build and maintain relationships, and increase mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Being a good sport

Staying active by playing sports is not only fun, it provides exercise and improves hand-eye coordination. Plenty of sports are well-suited for seniors, including golf, shuffleboard, tennis (or its less physically demanding cousin, pickleball), shuffleboard, swimming, and billiards.

Film festival

Plan an event based on a classic movie popular among seniors. Decorate the viewing room with décor related to the film. Play trivia with questions based on the film and its characters. You can offer a prize to the person with the best score.

Get into showbiz

Twirling around on the dance floor or singing karaoke to nostalgic tunes can be a great way for seniors to have a blast from the past. Line dancing, ballroom dancing, and singing karaoke are great ways to get everyone involved.

Let their garden grow

Gardening can get seniors outdoors, connect them with nature and offer a simple way to relax. They can plant easy-to-grow herbs – basil, oregano, parsley and thyme – and use them for cooking.

It’s all in the cards

Playing cards and board games help promote brain activity, potentially staving off the effects of dementia. Consider games like Uno, Scrabble, checkers, dominoes, bridge and crossword/word search puzzles.

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