MosquitosTicks and mosquitoes can carry many different diseases, some of which are very serious for seniors and infants. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Embassy Healthcare wants you to know the signs of some common illnesses that are transported by these parasites. 

Powassan Virus 
This disease mainly occurs in the Great lakes region and is expected to become more common as the tick population increases. The virus causes flu-like symptoms, but can lead to seizures, loss of consciousness and respiratory failure. Powassan can be fatal to nearly 15 percent of patients who show symptoms. 

Lyme disease
Starting as a fever, headache and rash, this disease can spread to your joints and muscles. A blood test is needed to be formally diagnoses and can last up to six months. 

West Nile Virus
Rarely do infected people have any symptoms, but some may become fatigued and develop a fever and body aches. Severe cases can cause neurological complications that result in tremors, coma or even death. 

Zika Virus 
This virus also lacks symptoms, but can cause birth defects if a pregnant woman becomes infected. Seniors can develop a fever or rash and may also experience joint and muscle pain. 

Bug repellant is useful in preventing these parasites from landing on you, but does not guarantee they will stay off your skin. It’s a good idea to wear long sleeves or protective netting as an extra layer of protection if you’re going to spend an extended period of time outdoors.  

There’s no reason to be afraid of enjoying the great outdoors, but using caution can help prevent you from contracting these common illnesses.