Embassy Healthcare belongs to a group of healthcare facilities known as Skilled Nursing Facilities, or SNFs. Different from rehabilitation hospitals, our facility provides services and amenities that help individuals with more long-term custodial or rehabilitation needs. Knowing the difference between a SNF and other types of facilities can help caregivers make the most informed decision about their loved ones’ care.

What’s the difference?
The biggest difference between a SNF and a rehabilitation hospital is the use of licensed professionals — not just nurses, but also specialists that work in the areas of orthopedic, speech, physical and occupational therapies. They help individualize your care, so that you can regain strength and independence.

What kind of patients are accepted at a SNF?
Individuals who have severe medical needs, like IV treatments, ventilators, or who are unable to perform personal hygiene tasks on their own are good candidates for skilled nursing facilities. Patients with dementia, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s are also a good fit for our communities, and several of our locations offer special units for psychological services. At Embassy, staff is available around the clock to help with medications and other clinical treatments that may be needed.
Get more information from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how coverage works for a SNF.