Image of Senior man wearing smart watchEven the most tireless caregivers are not able to be at their loved one’s side all of the time. Sometimes, you need a little help.

The modern advances in smart technology can help your parents feel more comfortable while you’re away and give you the ability to easily check up on them.

Consider these ways technology can give you peace of mind:

 Alexa, connect me to my parents

Speakers such as Amazon’s Echo can help take care of your loved one by reminding them to take their medication, set an alarm or play a favorite song. The Echo Show adds a screen so you can make video calls.

The AARP Foundation also has a program to discover how the Echo can also help reduce isolation.

Get smarter appliances

Buying a smart refrigerator will help you and your parent keep track of what is inside and warn you if food or drinks have passed their expiration date. This technology helps minimize waste and maintain a well-stocked fridge.

Keep an eye on them

Installing video cameras in the home helps you keep a watchful eye on your loved one, making sure they haven’t fallen or hurt themselves. This is particularly useful for parents who have recently undergone surgery or are performing physical therapy exercises at home.

Forget the forgetfulness

Medication reminders are available as stand-alone devices or as apps on tablets and smartphones. Different versions will alert caregivers if a parent forgets to take their pills.

Automatically lighten up

Improper lighting is a main cause of falls. Installing automatic, motion-sensor lights will help your loved one have adequate lighting and not have to fumble for the switch when they walk into a room.

Wear your vitals

Wearable devices can check blood pressure, heart rate, and other health levels. They can even send alerts if sudden changes are detected. Some devices also include GPS tracking so the wearer can be located in an emergency.

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