After the exceptionally cold winter we had this year, the spring sunshine and warmer weather is certainly welcome! Looking for ways to enjoy the season? Here are a few activities to spark some ideas. We’ve included indoor suggestions too, since spring in Ohio can still have its share of rainy days.

1. Gardening is an obvious choice, as spring means planting season. Common fruit, vegetable and flower seeds are available at major retail outlets, although local nurseries will have a larger variety. And if the wait for seeds seems like too much of a time commitment, check for local farmer’s markets for seedlings and starter pots.

2. Visiting local animal attractions such as farms or petting zoos make for a great educational experience. Spring is a precious time for baby animals — a rare treat for grandparents and grandchildren!

3. Building a kite is an activity that can be done indoors or outdoors, and is a good way to take advantage of spring’s windiest days. Grandchildren can help, too. See a demonstration on kite-building here.

4. Catching a ballgame, whether it's a grandchild’s game or a professional event, can be a lot of fun — no matter your age.

5. Fishing provides the opportunity for relaxation, and a delicious meal, if you’re lucky!

6. Swimming can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on your location. And although some folks would rather just put a foot in, being close to water is very relaxing, not to mention the physical benefits! There may be quarries or lakes in your area that allow public swimming, but if not, community pools in local gyms sometimes offer low-impact aerobics classes.

As the weather heats up, we encourage all seniors and caregivers to take advantage of this beautiful Ohio spring!