elderly bikingStaying active and exercising regularly can help you stay healthier and feel younger, well into your senior years. Maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy diet in your 70s, 80s and beyond can help prevent serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease, as well as boost energy and mood, help you get a good night’s rest and reduce arthritis pain.

Regular exercise can also help you maintain the physical health and strength you need to live as independently as possible. But staying active as we age can be a challenge. Wear and tear on joints and muscles might make exercise difficult, and if you don’t already exercise regularly, starting a new routine can seem daunting. 

Get the benefits of exercise by adapting activities you like to your capabilities.

For overall well-being, it’s important to incorporate four types of exercise into your routine.

  1. Cardiovascular activities make your lungs and heart work harder. Spend 30 minutes each day on activities like walking briskly, biking or taking a water aerobics class. Even doing chores around the house, like gardening and vacuuming, will raise your heart rate.
  2. Strength training builds bone density and strengthens muscles we use for daily activities, like climbing stairs. Build in strength training to your routine two to three times each week with dumbbells, weight machines or resistance bands. To learn correct form and prevent injury, consider taking a class at your local senior center.
  3. Stretching increases flexibility and allows for easier movement. Stretch for 10 minutes each day, or take a Pilates class, which incorporate numerous stretching techniques. And always stretch before and after a workout!
  4. Balance exercises reduce the risk of falls. Yoga and Tai Chi can improve your natural equilibrium.

You should always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, and call your physician if you experience difficulty breathing or chest pain.

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