Fotolia 134899173 Subscription Monthly XXLGetting older doesn’t mean you have to become frail and forgetful. We have some health tips that can improve your mobility, cognitive abilities and improve your overall wellbeing.


Stay Active

Regular exercise can keep you’re your heart and lungs healthy, as well as improve mobility and flexibility. Many people discover the best way to stay active is to find an enjoyable activity and make it part of your daily routine. 

For example, sign up for a water aerobics class if you enjoy spending time in a pool. If you enjoy meeting new people, join a walking group so you can talk to others and walk at the same time. 

Keep your mind sharp

Challenging your mind keeps your brain active and can prevent memory loss. Learning a new skill or reading about unfamiliar topics are two simple ways to accomplish this goal.

Get plenty of sleep

Insomnia and daytime sleepiness are common complaints among people over 65. Try any of the following tips to improve your quality of sleep:

  • Boost your melatonin levels by avoiding artificial light. Try to use low-wattage bulbs in your home and turn off your computer, TV and cellphone one hour before going to bed.
  • Make sure you bedroom is dark, quiet and cool.
  • Staying active during the day can help you sleep better at night. Try getting three hours of aerobic exercise throughout the day.

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