dinnerThe holiday season can be a tough time to eat properly. Between holiday parties, shopping and traveling, it’s not uncommon for it to be difficult to find enough time to properly plan your meals. This can be a big problem for people who have manage health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the nutrition experts at Embassy Healthcare have some tips you can follow.


Look at your calendar

Knowing which events you have coming up is the first step in knowing which nights you need to cook and which ones you don’t. It can also help you buy the appropriate amount of groceries for the week so you don’t waste food and can save money.

Stock your pantry

Items such as pasta, beans and rice are important to have if you need to put together a quick meal. Make sure you always have these staples on-hand.

Be active

If you do end up eating a little more than normal, try doing some extra physical activities. Going for a long walk or jumping on an exercise bike are great ways to compensate for over indulging during the holidays.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Most holiday selections have limited amounts of these healthy foods. To make them available, volunteer to bring a veggie or fruit tray to your get-togethers. Another alternative to bring a salad as a side dish.

Eat smaller portions

Many foods at holiday parties are high in carbohydrates, so watch your portion sizes. Some ways to limit your intake include taking “sample” sized portions or using smaller plates.

At Embassy Healthcare, our communities provide tasty meals that can be catered to meet your health needs. To schedule and visit and explore how we can help you lead a healthy lifestyle, send us a message or call 888-975-1379