rowingseniorAlthough scientists haven’t found a drug that will cure Alzheimer’s yet, dementia experts suggest that lifestyle improvements might have a greater effect than medication alone.

Embassy HealthCare in Ohio details three lifestyle choices you can make right now that might lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia:

1. Eat Healthy Foods

Foods and supplements we consume now have an impact on our future health. Follow a Mediterranean diet that includes whole grains, fish, leafy vegetables and nuts. Some Studies believe that Mediterranean foods rich in antioxidants may be more effective than Alzheimer’s drugs alone.

 2. Exercise Your Brain

Research suggests that people who keep their brain active also have a sharper memory. Continue your education, learn a language or work on crossword puzzles. Challenging activities build more neural pathways, increasing your cognitive reserve. Also, stay socially engaged in your senior years to combat feelings of depression and isolation.

3. Get Regular Physical Activity

Studies show that getting exercise each day has numerous health benefits, like improvements in overall mental, social and physical health. But it also increases the area of the brain responsible for learning and verbal memory. Start by walking with a friend or parking your car further away from a store entrance.

While researchers work to find a cure for memory disease, they’re steps we can all take now to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce our risk for developing dementia.

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