Fotolia 29567997 Subscription Monthly XXLLiving with a spouse whose health is failing can be a difficult situation. That’s why it is important to know how to handle the situation when it arises.

Embassy Healthcare has put together some suggestions to help you and your spouse build on your relationship during this difficult time.

Make the best of the situation

As health conditions change, so can emotions. That’s why it is important to not take every action or word from your spouse to heart. While you may be frustrated with these changes and quickly become frustrated, remember that your spouse is frustrated by their new restrictions as well. Rather than dwelling on those frustrations, focus on the positives that still fulfill your lives.

Change with the times

It is important to make lifestyle changes as your spouse’s health begins to change. Items such as moving to a home that is easier to get around in or attending unique social events can improve both your spouse’s quality of life and your own.

Seek help when necessary

Depending on what health issues your spouse is facing, it may be necessary to seek professional help. You might feel guilty asking for help, but remember that asking for assistance can benefit both you and your spouse.

Find some ‘me’ time

While you may feel the need to be by your spouse’s side at all times, it is important to dedicate some time for yourself. Perhaps a relative or close friend can keep your spouse company while you get out and enjoy some other activities. This can even be as simple as going to work or going grocery shopping by yourself.

If you need help taking care of a spouse or loved one, contact the Embassy Healthcare team and we will share with you how we can help both you and your spouse.