Image of senior woman and her daughter looking through photo album.It can be difficult to regularly spend time with your loved one in an assisted living home or skilled nursing facility.

Embassy Healthcare understands that work and family schedules can make it challenging to visit a family member living in one of our communities. Here are some ways to stay connected and help your loved one enjoy a richer, more rewarding life.

 Social Media

Signing your loved one up for a social media account gives them access to photographs and insights into the lives of their children and grandchildren. If they’re willing, show them the basics of social media and help them instantly feel more connected.

Family Meetings

If you live close to your loved one, reserve a block of time each week or two to visit them or bring them to your home. It’s also best to plan activities such as cards, board games, a meal or just talk about your week.

Write or call

Help bridge the gap between face-to-face meetings by writing a letter, sending an email or giving your loved one a call. That extra contact can help your family member feel loved and energized.

Keep a calendar

Make a copy of your family’s activities throughout the week or month so your loved one can see what everyone is up to. This can also lead to conversation topics during visits, giving them something to ask their grandchildren about.


Bring along old photo albums, home videos or tell favorite stories to help your loved one reminisce. Your children will especially enjoy seeing old pictures of themselves, their parents and grandparents.

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