parent move inDeciding whether or not to invite an elderly parent to live with you is an important decision many adult children find themselves facing at some point. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, one in three seniors receiving unpaid family caregiving reside in their family’s home. These living situations may prove rewarding for families, but they take a fair amount of planning and dedication to prove successful for both parent and child (and their family). Before making the offer to let them live with you, consider the following:

Kind of care required

Consider the kind of care Mom or Dad will require, both currently and in the future. If your parent is relatively healthy, the disruption to your lives may be minimal – however, that can change at any time, so you will want to consider their future care needs, possibly at an assisted living or skilled nursing care facility.

Type of relationship

you have Take a look at your history with your parent – will you be able to coexist in the same living space, while also taking care of their needs? If you’re both able to settle conflict amicably, you may be able to live together. If you struggle to keep your sanity while dealing with each other, living together may not be ideal.

Does your home need a ‘mother makeover’?

A parent with decreased mobility may find it difficult to climb stairs or bathe without some updating to the home. Can you afford to make some changes to your house in order to make it more accessible to your parent? Consider whether there will be a bathroom on the floor they’ll be living on, and if everyone will have the privacy they need with an additional resident moving in.

Have you got the time?

Adult children with full-time jobs can find it difficult to provide their parent with the amount of care they may require – if not immediately, in the future case of injury or illness. Caregivers must be aware of the potential for exhaustion from taking too much on. If you determine that you want to explore other living arrangements for your parent, call Embassy Healthcare at 888-975-1379 or schedule a tour of our facilities in Ohio.