services-ostomyAt Embassy Healthcare, we see patients and residents with all kinds of special healthcare needs, and we're happy to meet those needs with phenomenal service and true compassion. Our staff is well-equipped to assist you if you've undergone an ostomy.

Whether you're looking for transitional care after surgery or want to move into one of our Ohio healthcare communities, our staff will be here to help care for your stoma and the surrounding area, and change the ostomy bag.

Ostomy Care at a Glance

  • Experienced staff
  • Help caring for and cleaning stoma


Have you recently had surgery? Do you need care after a hospital stay? Embassy Healthcare's multiple Ohio facilities can provide you with short or long-term orthopedic care.

Recovering from surgery can be much more pleasant with help from Embassy's attentive staff. We'll tend to your incisions and make sure you take any necessary medications so you can focus on healing.

Our staff can also work with you to help you rehabilitate and regain strength after your surgery or injury. We’re equipped to care for all orthopedic patients, whether you broke a leg or had surgery on your spine, hip, or elsewhere.

Orthopedic Care at a Glance

  • Post-surgery or injury orthopedic care
  • Rehabilitation and strengthening exercise programs offered
  • Short and long-term stays
  • Care for any orthopedic patient


The aging body needs special care. Embassy Healthcare's communities not only provide quality skilled nursing services and assistance with daily living tasks, we also provide quality nutritional support and dietary services.

Our chefs and nutrition specialists plan all of our menus in accordance with accepted nutritional guidelines. We prepare three healthy, home-cooked meals every day, as well as delicious snacks, and our residents can choose from many palate-pleasing options.

Our chefs can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegetarian diets. We'll make every effort to accommodate other special requests, too.

Our nutritionists and chefs also work with our residents' physicians to design customized dietary plans when necessary. If you or your loved one has special dietary needs, such as low-fat or low-sodium meals, call 888-975-1379 to talk with our department heads to make the appropriate arrangements.


Diabetes is a very common disease, and one that Embassy Healthcare’s Ohio communities are well-equipped to manage. Our nurses and other staff members have vast experience working with diabetic residents to monitor their blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy diet, and enjoy a normal lifestyle.

Each person with diabetes has unique needs. The Embassy Healthcare staff works with each resident, using a personalized program to reach specific health goals. We offer fitness activities and medication monitoring, and our medical staff is available to handle any complications. We also can accommodate specific diabetic dietary needs to moderate sugar levels.

Diabetes Care at a Glance

  • Our staff is experienced with caring for diabetic patients
  • Dining options available to accommodate special needs
  • Fitness programs offered
  • Help provided for monitoring blood sugar levels and overall health