services-dementiaWhen time takes hold, it can be difficult to hang onto our memories.

Dementia isn't a disease, but rather a collection of symptoms associated with a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer's. People living with dementia can have trouble remembering things like the names of their children or how to fasten a button.

Science can't explain why, but dementia affects each person differently. That's why we take special measures to ensure that your loved one's care is tailored to his or her specific needs.

What to expect from Embassy

Our care team works closely with families and physicians to learn our residents' stories, and their likes and dislikes. So we'll ask you a lot of questions, like "does he like spaghetti?", "what's her favorite song?", and "when she was a child, what did she want to be when she grew up?" These bits of information help us connect to your loved one on a personal level.

We also pay special attention to our residents' habits and discover what makes them most comfortable so we can adjust the environment and programming to their changing needs.

Embassy Healthcare has several centers throughout Ohio, designed to care for patients in all stages of dementia from confused and disoriented to late-stage cognitive loss. Our care team also collaborates with dementia experts to craft individual care plans for each of our residents that will guide them through this journey.

Benefits of Residential Dementia Care

We want to keep our loved ones with us as long as we can, but caring for someone with dementia is a 24/7/365 commitment, and it can be challenging both financially and emotionally.

Our professional care team takes the stress out of the equation and enables your family to cherish the time you spend with your loved one.

There are other benefits, too.

  • Safety- Our care centers are designed especially for people living with dementia to minimize the chance for injury.
  • Security- Our beautiful grounds are easy to navigate, but our secure borders prevent residents from wandering off.
  • Wellness- Our care team will make sure your loved one remembers to eat, bathe and take medications.

Don't wait for a serious incident to occur at home. Call us at 888-975-1379 to make an appointment to tour our community and meet our care team.

Care Team Credentials

Our doctors and nurses have all the certifications they need to provide medical care, but they're also specially trained to work with people living with dementia. And they're constantly pursuing continuing education to stay current on the latest treatments, information and dementia research.

Dementia Care Assessments

When we meet a new resident, we perform several different assessments, including:

  • MDS- Measures physical, psychological and psychosocial function.
  • BIMS- Helps determine if mental status is altered.
  • Allen Cognitive Testing- Evaluates a person's ability to understand verbal cues and motor skills.

These assessment tools help us determine which care community will best suited for your loved one's condition-based needs. And because your loved one is directly involved in these assessments, we're able to build a more customized care plan to meet those needs.