Nurse ready to welcome visitors to our communities.The caring staff from Embassy Healthcare is always available to answer questions, provide assistance or simply offer a shoulder to lean on. Call 888-975-1379 to schedule a tour or discuss admissions to one of our senior care communities.

Read on to learn more about our admissions process.

The admissions process is designed to help residents and their families in review, understand and accommodate their individual needs. Our staff is available during the entire process to answer your questions and provide information about all the senior care services available at Embassy Healthcare facilities, as well as services available in the surrounding community.

Our Admission Process
1. If you're interested in a specific Embassy Healthcare community, call the location directly to speak with an on-site admissions representative and make arrangements to tour the community.

  • If the future resident is currently in the hospital, please make your admissions representative aware, or have your social worker/case manager contact the location for you.

2. If the future resident is NOT currently in the hospital or at another senior care facility, he or she will need to be seen by their physician and obtain a medical history and physical no more than 5 days before admission.

3. If the future resident is coming from home or another residential community, he or she must have a chest x-ray no more than 90 days before the date of admission.

4. If eligible, you should apply for financial assistance (i.e., Medicaid) BEOFRE the date of admission.

  • If you have already filed for Medicaid, please supply us with a copy of the Medicaid application or a copy of the future resident's Medicaid card.
  • If you need help applying for Medicaid, our team is happy to assist.

5. When you decide to make Embassy Healthcare your new home, please supply us with a copy of these important papers at the time of admission.

  • Power of Attorney form
  • Living will
  • Legal guardianship forms
  • Insurance cards
  • Medicaid card
  • Social security card

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process to an Embassy Healthcare community, feel free to contact our general Admissions Department or a social worker at 888-975-1379.

Questions & Answers

How much furniture should be moved?
We encourage the resident and their family to make it their home. As long as there is not a safety issue, we encourage bringing items from home.
How many showers per week?
Is there a choice for meals? Snacks? How many?
Is there a dining room? Do the residents eat in their rooms?
Is there an entertainment center?
Can residents utilizing Medicaid participate in activities?
How do you go to the bank, drug store, or a doctor’s visit?
How is laundry done?
Is smoking allowed?