Good Nutrition During COVID-19You’ll need a healthy immune system to combat COVID-19 effectively, and there’s no better way to boost your immune system than with proper nutrition.

Plan Ahead

To reduce the potential exposure to germs and sick individuals, plan your meals for at least five days in advance. If you go to the store knowing what you’re looking for, you can get in and out quicker and avoid crowds.

Planning will also keep you on budget and help prevent impulse buying. You’ll also need to consider prep time and cleaning up since you may not have the time or energy to concoct an elaborate meal.

Eat With A Purpose

Aside from taking vitamins, a balanced diet is the only way to support a robust immune system. Don’t waste calories on food without any nutritional value. Maintaining a proper diet will help keep you active and engaged.

Check out these shopping ideas:

  • Fruits: Try fresh, shelf-stable fruits like apples, frozen berries, dried fruit chips, or fruits canned in fruit juice.
  • Vegetables: Fresh broccoli, potatoes, and celery will last on their own. You can also get nutrients from frozen or low-sodium canned vegetables.
  • Bread and grains: Go for whole-grain bread, bagels, or frozen waffles. Oatmeal, ready-made pasta, and brown rice are also a good source of healthy carbs.
  • Dairy: Whether it’s milk, cheese, or yogurt, there is a wide variety of sources to meet your daily calcium requirement.
  • Meat: Frozen beef, fish, and chicken options that will last throughout the week, so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling before it’s used.

Keep in mind, most frozen dinners contain high amounts of sodium and fat, so it’s best to limit your consumption.

Make It A Family Event

Worried about venturing to the store for groceries? Ask a loved one or neighbor to help you shop and cook a meal together. Eating dinner with someone is a great way to stay socially engaged. If you’re concerned your loved one isn’t getting the nutrition they need, having dinner together will allow you to help them meal prep for the days ahead.

Get the family involved and try a new recipe or dust off an old family tradition and catch up around the dinner table. Have homeschooling kids and grandkids get in on the plan as well. They’ll get to stay active and enjoy helping with dinner.

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