Senior recovering from fall injury at physical therapyExperiencing a fall can make a senior feel out of control and give them a lack of confidence as they move about.

Adults over the age of 65 have a 25% chance of falling, according to the National Council on Aging. With their weaker bones and bodies, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for senior citizens.

Common injuries from falls include:

  • Hip fractures
  • Broken hands, wrists or arms
  • Broken leg or ankle
  • Head injury

Even if serious injury is avoided, one fall can make a senior hesitant to move around – which can cause them to be even weaker and more susceptible to future falls.

Embassy Healthcare offers the following suggestions for helping a senior get their confidence back after falling:

  1. It’s OK to be afraid: Validate their fear by acknowledging the fear is a real concern – they fell once and it could happen again. Listen to them and support them as they ponder what another fall could mean: falling without anyone around to help them, a trip to the emergency room, a lengthy hospital stay, surgery, and expensive medical bills.
  2. Look for an experienced therapy program: Research the best rehabilitation and therapy programs in your area, knowing that they are not all the same. Have a good understanding of the program’s track record for success, and what success means to them.
  3. Being sedentary is dangerous: Help your loved one understand that even though they may fear falling, not moving is not an option and can lead to more problems. Being sedentary increase their risk of falling again due to reduced balance, loss of muscle and cognitive decline.
  4. Conduct a home safety audit: If your loved one can live safely at home, it may help to have a home safety audit performed to assess potential hazards. The AARP has a checklist of things to look for in a senior’s home environment to help ensure their surroundings are as safe as possible.

In addition to its therapy services, Embassy Healthcare offers short-term assisted living care for senior citizens following a fall or hospitalization. This time can further strengthen their bodies and help them become more confident in their ability to safely get around.

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