2may2019It’s not always easy moving a senior parent from their home.

In addition to any feelings of anxiety or uncertainty they may feel over the move, there is always the physical demands of going through their belongings and determining what makes the move with them. That process can be exhausting, but planning for it and developing some strategies for the discussions that come with it can make this time easier for you and your parent.

Knowing when it’s time to have the conversation with Mom or Dad can be a tough decision in and of itself. If your parent is having problems with the following activities, it may be time to make the move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Using the bathroom
  • Controlling when you can go to the bathroom
  • Getting dressed
  • Getting up from bed

Embassy Healthcare communities give seniors the chance to live comfortably while ensuring their daily needs are being met. These facilities can also address an individual’s need for socialization, transportation, safety, and security. Residents get a clean, clutter-free place to live while having access to 24-7 nursing care should the need arise.

Tips For A Smooth Moving Process

To make the move as efficient and peaceful as possible, there are a few steps you can try:

  • Be open and honest: It’s important for everyone’s well-being to be on the same page as you discuss moving. Start talking about the process before it’s an immediate need. Try to be supportive but also strong and direct with your concerns.
  • Start with one room: It can be overwhelming to orchestrate the cleaning out of an entire house, so focus on one room and go from there. Let them have input on what items may be able to go to their new residence, but remind them there won’t be room for everything.
  • Keep it positive: Your parent is bound to feel some anxiety about moving out of their longtime home, so give them some time to reflect on the good times they associate with it. You can also shift attention to the new life they can look forward to in a new home without all of the burdens of maintaining their own place.
  • Enlist help: It can be a nice family bonding moment – not to mention cost-effective – to have relatives come over to help with the move. It also shows the senior that their family cares about their well-being and wants to help them start their new life. However, if you think it would help ease the difficulty of the day, you may also want to consider hiring help. Hiring others could make it less of an emotionally draining experience for some.

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