1may2019Diabetes is a challenging condition for anyone to manage, especially for seniors faced with handling a host of other health concerns.

Older patients may struggle with both the emotional and physical aspects of diabetes and what it means to their quality of life. Fortunately, diabetes is manageable with the right education, resources and support.

Embassy Healthcare is experienced and well-equipped to handle diabetes care throughout our communities in Ohio. We individualize treatment plans, tailoring dietary, exercise and medication needs for each resident, ensuring they get the support needed to reach their health goals.

Here are some ways we can help improve life with diabetes:

  1. Proper diet: Diabetes can be demanding of a senior’s eating habits – they’re prone to blood glucose (sugar) peaks and valleys, including hypoglycemia. This condition may cause confusion, blurred vision, seizures or loss of consciousness. It’s important for anyone with diabetes to eat a diet low in sugar and saturated fats while adopting diets high in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Processed foods and sugars should be avoided. Embassy’s dining staff can accommodate special needs at mealtime.
  2. Keep moving: Getting consistent exercise is key for helping seniors with diabetes maintaining proper glucose levels. Research has shown regular physical activity provides benefits to the immune system and mental health as well. Embassy offers supervised fitness programs to ensure seniors are exercising safely.
  3. Mind your medication: Seniors may have a difficult time remembering to take their medications consistently. Our staff can make sure medications are being taken at the appropriate times.
  4. Check glucose levels consistently: One of the most important ways a senior and their caretakers can avoid diabetes complications is through regular monitoring of their glucose levels. Seniors taking diabetes medications are at particular risk of low blood sugar. Embassy helps monitor residents’ glucose levels.
  5. Care about communication: A senior who takes an active role in their diabetes treatment feels more in control of the process. Having a say in their regimen can help them feel more supported and understood as they work to manage diabetes.

To learn more about how Embassy can help you or your loved one handle diabetes, call 888-975-1379 or contact us online.