The Shining Star Program

Embassy Healthcare strives to personalize our care service to each resident. What better way to cater to our residents than by creating a custom activity schedule to keep their minds agile and entertained?

With the Shining Star Program (SSP) at our Grande Pavilion and Willow Park locations, that's precisely what we do.

Assessment Process

The Shining Star Program assesses the cognitive stages of our residents to help staff, nurses, and family define activities that are appropriate for everyone's abilities. Combined with the Allen Cognitive Assessment (ACA), we can create proper tasks to enrich your loved one's quality of life without frustration.

ACA designates six levels of performance based on an individual’s ability to engage in motor actions and verbal behaviors. Level 1 individuals have the simplest cognitive skills, whereas someone at level 6 is considered a typically functioning individual.

The SSP assesses ability through standardized cognitive testing and provides stages of an individual's cognitive ability. The stages include:

Stage 1: Subjectively and objectively normal

Stage 2: Subjective complaints of mild memory loss

Stage 3: Mild cognitive impairment

Stage 4: Early dementia

Stage 5: Moderate dementia

Stage 6: Moderately severe dementia

Our Memory Support Team

In our safe and secure memory care unit, our specially trained team of certified dementia specialists will help your loved one reach the highest level of independence possible. At Grande Pavilion and Willow Park, we have geriatric psychologists on-site twice a week and a specialized geriatric nurse practitioner there weekly.

We also offer:

  • Individualized activities in a spacious activity room
  • Secured units and a safe, stimulating environment
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

Embassy Healthcare offers a wide range of services for dementia and memory care residents. To learn more, call us at 888-975-1379 or contact us online.