Winter SafetyWinter is in full swing, so take the proper safety precautions, so you’re not left out in the cold.

Frostbite And Hypothermia

Frostbite occurs when the tissues below the skin freeze. Hypothermia sets in once your body temperature drops below 95° Fahrenheit. Both conditions are brought on by cold temperatures and are easily preventable.

To prevent frostbite:

  • Cover up all exposed skin, especially extremities like hands, feet, and ears
  • Know the signs like white/ashy skin and numbness

If you suspect frostbite, go inside immediately and place the affected area in warm water, not hot. Call 911 if the skin turns black.

To protect yourself from hypothermia:

  • Wear several loose layers to keep your body heat regulated
  • Don’t stay outside for extended periods
  • Watch for symptoms like cold/ashy skin, fatigue or confusion, and slowed heart rate

Call 911 immediately if you experience hypothermia.

Reduce Your Fall Risk

The chance of a fall increases in winter because of slippery ice and snow. If you enjoy going for a walk during winter, you’ll want to shovel steps and sidewalks before venturing out. It may be safer to hire someone or ask a loved one to help you shovel and salt your walkways.

Here are additional tips for avoiding winter slips:

  • Wear non-skid boots outside, or slippers when you’re around your house
  • Use a rubber-tipped can for support
  • Place floor grips to create traction in your shower or tub

Falls can lead to broken bones or fractures. If you’re alone when you fall, you may be at risk for further complications.

Keep Your Home Cozy

Your home should be at least 68° Fahrenheit. If you’re concerned with your heating bill, close vents in unoccupied rooms, apply shrink plastic to windows, and place towels under doors. These techniques will help conserve heat and money.

Keep an eye on the weather and plan before a snowstorm. Stock plenty of food, water, and medication in case you can’t drive. It’s always a good idea to stay in communication with your family to help run errands, do chores, and check on you if needed.

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