Misconceptions About Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care

History and misrepresentation have led people to think ill of skilled nursing facilities. A sterile institution is a popular image that may come to mind when people consider these communities.

However, Embassy Healthcare’s skilled nursing and long-term care facilities create personalized living environments to make you feel at home. Here’s a list of common myths and their realities.

Myth: Skilled nursing and long-term care facilities are like hospitals.

Reality: Embassy provides short- and long-term care based on an individual’s medical needs. Skilled nursing is usually short-term rehabilitation, and long-term care requires 90-plus days of care. Short-term facilities manage post-surgical rehab, acute illnesses, and fractures. Long-term care residents will usually require more regular, hands-on care.

Myth: You have no input in your care.

Reality: You will meet with an interdisciplinary team to discuss your care plan 48-72 hours after admittance. Your care strategy is driven by your medical needs and personal preferences, giving you an active voice in your health management.

Myth: You cannot bring any personal belongings when you move into a skilled nursing or long-term care facility.

Reality: Embassy encourages its residents to bring items from your home to make them feel more comfortable during their stay in short- or long-term care. Pets are also allowed to visit if proper vaccine documentation is provided.

Myth: You lose all your rights and ability to make choices for yourself.

Reality: We want all our residents to feel like they’re at home, whether they’re living in an assisted living community for staying in long-term care. And because this is your home, we consult you on every medical and personal decision. You will be oriented to facility policies and procedures upon your arrival and will meet all department heads within your first 24-48 hours. We encourage you to ask questions and advocate your needs.

Myth: You do not have independence once you’re admitted.

Reality: You will remain as active as you are able while you’re in skilled nursing and long-term care. Embassy provides daily creative activities to keep you engaged. You are also welcome to one-on-one visits if you are unable to leave your room. Each facility also offers handicap accessible vans to transport you to and from the physician, activity outings, and other appointments.

Embassy Healthcare wants to ensure you receive optimal care in a home-like atmosphere. Call 888-975-1379 or contact us online for more information.