Grandchild visiting Senior in nursing homeThere’s always an adjustment period when someone moves into a new home.

One thing that helps a person ease into that transition is having regular contact with those who are most familiar to them. There are many reasons that regularly visiting and communicating with aging loved ones in skilled nursing and assisted living communities benefits everyone involved.

Embassy Healthcare encourages family and friends of our residents to make visits a priority, helping keep seniors’ quality of life at a high level. Here are several benefits of visiting loved ones in their new home:

  1. Show them you care: While your loved one probably knows deep down that you love them, getting visits from family and friends shows them that they are a priority. Face-to-face interactions have a warmth to them that other communication lacks.
  2. Check up on their health: No one knows your family member and their health norms as well as you do. Over time, you can monitor changes in their health, appearance or behavior – are they taking their medications, eating properly or showing signs of depression or loneliness? Keeping tabs on them allows you to convey your concerns with staff.
  3. Bring back good memories: One of the best parts of visiting with senior loved ones is retelling stories that remind them of happy times. You can bring photo albums, videos or music to help them remember vacations, family members and fun events.
  4. Keep them socially and emotionally engaged: It’s no surprise that seniors who have more active social lives and take part in engaging conversations have a higher quality of life. Interacting with others helps them feel like a part of the family or their social circle, even though they’ve changed their address. This connection can have both emotional and physical benefits.
  5. Visits are good for grandchildren, too: Visiting their grandparents can help children and young adults get to learn about their family in a way they may not in a larger family setting. The focus on the visits tends to be more on conversation than other stimuli, which gives young people time to ask questions and listen to their elder’s stories and perspectives.

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